Is justin timberlake dating janet jackson hpv dating in china

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Is justin timberlake dating janet jackson

Timberlake was about to play a similar role as another famous female pop star went through the media wringer.

“Forces within both her own circle and the salivating music industry were pulling the sweetly dorky Louisiana girl in a thousand directions, and it was only a matter of time before she broke.” Britney was treated as a passive agent in her own life, to be presented in whatever manner her management thought would be most profitable: as an avowed virgin in a tiny Catholic schoolgirl uniform, begging her listeners to hit her one more time; as a sexpot writhing around a snake.First, CBS forced Jackson to apologize to the nation, both on camera and in a written statement. Disney World got rid of a Janet Jackson-inspired statue.And when her next album came out, Jackson was reportedly blacklisted from the major pop music radio and TV stations.And immediately after their 2002 breakup, both were riding high.In 2003, Spears released , one of the most celebrated albums of her career.

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“I know it’s been a rough week on everybody,” he said during his acceptance speech.

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