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2) maybe don’t bemoan the *selfishness* of a young woman who had sex because she felt it would be rude NOT to— Twas the Nat Before Christmas (@Nat Purser) December 11, 2017One prominent through line in the story is the disconnect between the story Margo writes in her head of how Robert perceives her and the reality of Robert’s perception.

It’s intensely relatable and, at moments, utterly terrifying.

Guess how long it takes until that gets completely annoying?

(A: After precisely one page turn.) I’d also like the magazine to fill as much of my screen as it can but instead the size of the viewing window is constrained.

I only worked up there for a couple of years, but I still learned a cut-through trick or two. Some of the issues are missing…19 are largely AWOL.

The New Yorker has announced the winners of the 2009 Eustace Tilley contest, which encouraged people to reïmagine the magazine’s monocled mascot. Issue archive always defaults to 2008, even while you’re browsing an issue from 1937.

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Recently a pair of New Yorker staffers set out to discover if Updike’s journey could still be made and brought back photographic evidence.