Is rihanna and omarion dating

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Is rihanna and omarion dating

Or maybe they will be like those odd couples you see in the grocery store with their kids and makes you wonder how did they ever meet?

Chris Brown ended up in the same room with not one but two of his exes on Sunday, June 28, when he performed at the 2015 BET Awards for an audience that included former flames Rihanna and Karrueche Tran.

Omarion would have to deal with his people, Bow Wow's people and Chris Brown's people pressuring him not to come out b/c it might make the other two even more suspect (i.e. I think he has a few screws loose, but he is telling the truth about all of them, Chris Brown included. If he plays it off as disinterested, it will just be a case of 'crazy Raz B' trying to get attention. I hate the shit I take from both sides who tell me I'm not what I know I am.

lose fans).r31, we all know (well black gays do) that black celebrities come out at half the rate as white ones. Marques Houston and the Immature boys were probably having illegal sex with him too in the 90s. I don't get why any parent would let their kid in a boyband. He can out Omarion, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Ne-Yo, and half a dozen other singers and most people won't believe him. It would make my life much easier to satisfy either the Fundamentalists in my family or the gays who are convinced I'm partially closeted.

Cee Lo Green has reassured fans he is ''alive and well'' after footage emerged of his mobile phone seemingly exploding in his face.

Yes, there are gays, particularly in entertainment, who hide behind the bi cloak for their careers. I don't feel right to take away the choice to live their life their way.[quote]Omarion must be hot shit in bed b/c both Bow Wow and Chris Brown look really into him.yes, Chris and Bow Wow were BFFs and suddenly they had a meltdown on Twitter.two bottoms jealous over who spends time with Omarion.r67, Raz B took a shot at chris on Twitter last week asking him if he beat this boyfriends like he beat rihanna.It'll be a cold hard day in hell before big puss Jake G ever comes out. R67, I think it started when Raz B alledged that Chris Stokes sexually abused him and even had him shower with B2K.It don't matter that the world's doubled up laughing at him hysterically, he still thinks we ought to see him on coffee patrol with teenage girls. He made veiled allegations that the other members were sexually abused.There were rumors that the two were together and that Bow Wow's dad figure Jermaine Dupri got the ax b/c he learned about the sexual relationship between Bow Wow and Omarion and was uncomfortable.Also, gossip bloggers were throwing out that a 'former member of B2K' slying confirmed the Bow Wow/Omarion are lovers thing.

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Bow Wow just doesn't want his name dragged into this mess.

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