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The deceptive use of sex may magnify the basic issue of the violation of trust found within the broader topic of "false friend deception."It might help our understanding of the larger topic if we focus on the narrower one.

Here I ask (1) What is at stake and what is different when undercover operations have a sexual component?

Our sense of freedom, autonomy and well-being depend partly on our ability to control information about the self and on our being able to voluntarily enter into relationships with others free from both coercion and deception.

Undercover work exploits the cognitive and behavioral aspects of intimate relations by using them for purposes beyond the relationship itself.

Covert operations, with their duplicity and betrayal, trade on the trust that is essential to, and defines, these primary relations.

Anything that debases that trust must be viewed as undesirable (if not necessarily always indefensible).

The gravity of betrayal increases as we move from type 2 to type 4.

This trust leads to the exchange of "confidences," some of which will clash with the public image the individual would like to project.It is in this regard that seduction is the moral equivalent of rape because they both deny the dignity and freedom of the individual.By contrasting deceptive situations with respect to whether sexual intimacy (or the hint or promise of it) is present with those in which (from the pointof view of the target of the investigation) psychological intimacv is, or is not, presumed to be present, we arrive at the four types of situation shown in Table 1.As one highly experienced agent put it in an interview with a co-worker, "The best undercover is exalted in what he's doing; it's almost a sexual thrill."In the case of the "Mata Hari" phenomenon, undercover and sexual roles may be professionally intertwined --although one recent account suggests that Mata Hari may have been framed.A possible link between homosexuality and spying, at least in the post-World War II British context, has often been noted.

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Manipulation, temptation and deception (whether involving motives and/or identity are joined in a potentially explosives mix.

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