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Just give and seek enough information to get a reasonable handle on things.

Critically, don’t let anyone tell you it’s time to settle.

This is the time in life when you know what you’re looking for, and you shouldn’t be afraid to say so.

If you have children or step-children, then you may be seeking someone who’ll be happy to take them on in the long-run, for example.

You’re still relatively youthful and adventurous, yet older and wiser at the same time.

You can probably detect a lack of authenticity in a potential date a mile away, and you’re far less likely to be easily seduced by super-flattering conversation.

As with dating at any age, don’t feel you have to share your entire life history on the first or second date.

If nothing else, journaling every few days tracks your healing.“It provides perspective in a clear, simple way,” says Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Mount Kisco, N. The first step: Get reacquainted with your body.“Start by taking long baths, reminiscing about past sexual pleasures or fantasizing about what a new partner might do,” O’Neill advises.

“If you haven’t masturbated in a long time, take it slow to discover what kinds of touch and rhythms lead to orgasm.” If you run into problems with arousal or orgasm, relax.

Equally, if you’ve never been married nor had children, don’t let anyone make you feel that you’re somehow lacking.

There’s a perception that men or women who haven’t settled down by the time they hit their 40s are afraid to commit.

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