Sam witwer dating

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Sam witwer dating

It’s very strange and wonderful and I love the opportunities that have come up.

And I cannot thank Ray Park enough for creating a character that the audience is this fascinated with that my dumbass gets to come in and help and assist.

” I was just thinking of how he taunted me with that. So yeah, you know, Matt Wood being a very close friend of mine, and also, aside from being the sound design and mixing genius that he is, he also voices General Grievous. So we had to marry those, and both actors have to have the ability to do what they think should be done with the character. I know you’re out there talking to fans a lot, and one reaction I’ve heard a lot is that people won’t understand why Maul is back. People are so excited by that, because it’s such a bold choice on the part of the Kasdans and Ron Howard to take something…like I was told at the premiere that this was always the plan.

So yeah, Jonathan Kasdan and I had a nice little conversation about that.Witwer was no stranger to being in geek properties, with turns in Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Star Trek, and many others, but stepping into the world of Star Wars as one of the most iconic villains in the saga was something else entirely.After Maul’s surprising return on The Clone Wars, everyone once again thought the character was gone for good.From that first image of the doors on Naboo separating to reveal that demon-faced monster unveiling his double-bladed lightsaber, we’ve all been captivated by him, before we even knew his name.When The Phantom Menace hit theaters, he was instantly a favorite character, though some were intensely disappointed by his ending.

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