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The Breakup: Where to begin …In late December of 1999, Lopez and Combs found themselves in legal trouble after a night out in N. According to , Puffy accidentally knocked a drink from the hand of one of the club’s patrons, instigating a verbal and physical fight that quickly escalated into a shoot-out.

Combs and Lopez were arrested after fleeing the scene with a gun in the trunk of their Lincoln Navigator.

She’s been victimized enough.” Bergos said he refused to sign the confidentiality deal “because I did nothing wrong and I may need to talk about [the incident] sometime in the future.” The shooting occurred Dec.

27, 1999, when Combs was still known as “Puff Daddy” and dating Jennifer Lopez.

But black females will lay around having babies out of wedlock with Puff Daddy because he has money.

The night turned ugly when Combs’ crew exchanged words with another clubgoer, Matthew “Scar” Allen. Barrow served nine years in prison and was deported to his native Belize after release.Bergos said he’s considering an offer to write a book about his travails. Jennifer Lopez was spotted out on the town with none other than ex-boyfriend Sean "Diddy" Combs in Los Angeles last night. They went back to their tables and didn't speak the rest of the night."Ashlee Simpson and her new hubby Evan Ross were also in attendance.I have respect for Jennifer Lopez because she refused to get pregnant by Puff Daddy when they were dating.She broke up with him and found a man that wanted to marry her, and she married him and now they have a family together.

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So we really just wanted to pull it back and keep it pretty and young and fresh. I just feel like this was perfect for the Tonys, it just had all these stars all over it, it had some beautiful sing at the bottom, it was just a very etherial dress and seemed perfect for that night.

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