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is accomodated in a semi-reclining posture in the embodiment shown.

A fastener (e.g., vehicle seatbelt) interfacing element 2 is provided in the child accomodating device 1.

A variety of child-accomodating car-seats exist in the prior art. A typical prior art car-seat would be secured in a car by one of the car's (adult) seatbelts.

The child accomodated would be securely restrained within the car-seat by restraining belts fitted to the car-seat.

You will also need to consider if your current contents insurance covers you with a extra guest and that your mortgage allows you to have a lodger.

And defense to popular culture and foreign affairs.

2 showing the same embodiment with the airbag deployed. The child accomodating and protecting device shown is a child protecting seat suitable for accomodating a child 3.

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A global age demands acute global awareness, keeping up with demands from international guests requires foresight and keen planning. continue reading » Reception and personalized accompaniment of foreign delegations and VIP, clients or foreign partners in the Touraine or Paris regions other cities upon request.

The child accomodating and protecting device 1 is fitted with deployable airbag means (e.g., an inflatable airbag) for protecting a child accomodated in the child accomodating and protecting device 1. 1 the deployable airbag means is undeployed (i.e., the inflatable airbag is compactly stowed in compartment means for compactly stowing it when it is uninflated) and so not shown.

The compartment doors 5 fitted to the compartment means are shown.

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