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Don’t be fooled by the appearance of proximity; Portland is about three hours (and a sometimes-dangerous pass) away, which can make getting some things (like new supplies for your Mac Book) kind of a challenge.

However, for some folks who wish to live a more off-the-grid life, it’s really, really nice.

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Hiking, fishing, boating, skiing, cycling, running, snowshoeing, camping—it’s all there, right in your backyard, and everyone is jealous of it.

Bend, which is one of only three US cities to have an extinct volcano in its city limits, is largely built on the remains of centuries-old volcanic activity.

Like a lot of cities under 100,000 residents, Bend doesn’t boast a ton of industry, which can make finding a job hard.

The city’s unemployment is higher than the national average at just over 8%.

Bend is almost prototypically Oregonian, both statistically — in terms of median income and housing value — and culturally. According to the last census, Bend was well over 90% white.

And while that is changing slowly, if raising your kids in an area with a lot of different populations represented is your goal, this may not be your place. In 2012, Bend was rated the Dog Friendliest City, according to “Dog Fancy,” a publication that really knows dogs.

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Here’s the thing about cities without much industry—they have great potential.

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