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The audiobook outlines four key themes: red-pill parenting, the feminine nature, social imperatives, and positive masculinity. Do you become nervous, anxious, or frustrated at the thought of approaching a woman?

Do you wonder why great guys like you end up alone when grade A jerks score all the hotties?

Open Her teaches a man how to embody seven masculine archetypes to engage his woman in a deeper, more passionate dance of love.

Each archetype brings a power and a gift, a secret key to his woman's love and desire.

To get inside her head, so we can know what she's really looking for.

Taking a brass tacks approach to communication, How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People explains how to interact with others as they really are, not as you would like them to be.You'll learn how to avoid the typical online dating pitfalls that are keeping you from finding the woman of your dreams. Taken from over a decade of experience, scores of long-term serious and casual relationships, and detailed scientific tracking and analysis of both his own results and men who have successfully done this all over the world, Blackdragon shows you exactly how to do it, step-by-step. He can truly be free, both in his business life and woman life, even if he's committed to one special girl.This audiobook will teach you how to meet women online.The goal is to get what you want from them successfully - be it cooperation, goodwill, love or security.Written by Blackdragon, one of the most well-known online dating experts in the world, this audiobook is filled with the latest and most effective techniques for getting dates with women using online dating sites and apps.

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