Yashica camera dating

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Yashica camera dating

Advance locks on the next frame automatically after firing and winding on in similar fashion — wind clockwise till it stops, then counterclockwise till it stops.It becomes a very natural quick motion in no time at all.It’s very easy to accidentally move the lever when adjusting that wheel, causing your electronic flash to be out of sync. Very clean, focus just slightly resistant, I won’t say stiff.Just not as smooth as the D and also the 124G I played with. However – when I got it the shutter just went ‘click’ and the blades wiggled but didn’t open. I took off the rear lens element and gently poked the shutter blades with a toothpick and snap they were free.If necessary switch the pressure plate to read either 120 (green) or 220 (red).Move the empty spool to the top takeup position, put the film in the bottom, draw out the leader and insert into the takeup spool.

However, I have heard that the 124G, particularly the later ones, may be less robust internally, with more plastic and brass parts than the 124.

Then wind until the large arrow on the film lines up with either the green triangles on the camera sides (a little hard to see) or red triangles by the film rails, then close the back and lock the bottom.

Turn the crank clockwise until the S becomes the number 1, then backwards till it stops (not far) to cock the shutter.

And for the record, next to the two 124s the Yashica D is clearly a budget model, even if the lenses are the same.

Possibly the better bargain for it, especially if you don’t need the built-in meter. Nice features of the 124: self-cocking shutter and automatic frame counting.

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Taking off the rear element is obvious, it’s got a spanner ring to expose the single element.

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