Princess margaret and roddy llewellyn dating

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Princess margaret and roddy llewellyn dating

Others who escorted her to fashionable nightclubs and restaurants included David, Lord Ogilvy, later the 13th Earl of Airlie, the Hon Colin Tennant, now Lord Glenconner, Mark Bonham-Carter, the future Liberal MP, Henry, Lord Porchester, and Dominic Elliot, the son of the Earl of Minto.

With such a feast of names photographers were duly disappointed when, on her 21st birthday, the only pictures they got were of her out riding with the former Palace equerry Peter Townsend. A fighter pilot and war hero, Group Captain Townsend had been equerry to King George VI and was now Comptroller of the Queen Mother's Household. During those early years he was to divorce his wife, the mother of his two sons, whom he had married two months after meeting.

The public knew only what they read, and her love affairs made headlines the world over.

They also incurred the wrath of MPs, fuelled calls for a republic, and saw her popularity ebb and flow.

Courtier and Princess grew ever closer, generating speculative articles abroad, although the unusually reticent British press remained silent.

The dam burst at the Queen's coronation when, in front of alert journalists, the Princess casually brushed fluff from his uniform."It didn't mean a thing to us at the time," Townsend later told a journalist.

"It must have been a bit of fur coat I picked up from some dowager in the Abbey.

I never thought a thing about it, and neither did Margaret. But that little flick of her hand did it all right.

Rich and titled in the main, this group of young, male escorts provided her with a busy social life.

Tonight’s episode is based in the 1970s, after the death of the Duke of Windsor in 1972.

A previous episode described Princess Margaret’s shock three words to the Queen after she learned she would reign.

When Elizabeth II told the news to Margaret, her sister – who was six at the time – responded: “Well poor you!

IN the golden days of her youth few could have imagined that Princess Margaret was destined to spend her middle and latter years alone.

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The exchange happened on 10th December 1936, which began as an ordinary day for Princess Elizabeth, who was 10 years old at the time.