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Quickbooks pro 2016 validating data

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Critical Fault Errors Company files Release Updates Quick Books Desktop *.

Then when I try to do a pw reset using the license number screen (because there was never a phrase set up) it goes thru that, gets to setting a new pw, lets me do all of that and then say it can't reset the Admin pw at this time-it will never let me back in after computer restarts and everything I try (except going down a version).

Luckily I haven't been too far deep in these files so could start over and am manually setting the pw right away when I create the file.

Even these files failed Verify with a critical fault crash. Both the 2nd and 3rd computers have the most current release update installed, and it was the same most current update that I re-downloaded and re-installed that yielded the same crashing result during Verify.

Not to simply jump to conclusions that might be false, I remove Quick Books from my 3rd computer where Verify had also crashed, and then I copied the Quick Books Install program from my original computer and installed it.

What do I do, I load the backup on a 3rd computer, restore it, verity it, and it fails.

Since the third computer still had two copies of the file, the one from the restored backup, and the one from the restored portable file, I decided to verify both files one at a time.The first was when I clicked on Merchant Service Deposits on the Home page, the page that pops up showing the transaction progression opened without detail and then the program would abort.That was resolved six days later and is working well now.After sending a backup of the file to the client, they reported that Verify not only failed, it actually crashed with a critical fault.We immediately ran another verify of the file at our office and it passed again.

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Recently a file was submitted to me because it was corrupted.

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