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That alone was worth the weekend, the money, and parking my skepticism and doubt and just giving it my all. I think its for you to discover if you so feel inclined. You don’t need to have baggage, issues or problems of any kind to do this.Just an openness to discovering some pretty cool stuff about yourself that’ll impact your life in some pretty spectacular ways.The program I’m in now is a 10 week seminar – 3 hours a week, called “Be Here Now”….

Everyday I thank this cult for having shown me the truth. I have let back in so many people who abused me in the past because I know that they are not in control of their behaviour, just like I have no authority over my own thoughts since I joined this cult!!! And I wouldn’t wait till the end to do it, seriously, if you’re reading this do yourself a favour and sign up for the Forum. I took this course because I was tired of my own BS – I kept making promises to myself and I wouldn’t keep them; everything from loosing the last 10 pounds, to making my business a success, to having a tight-knit family, to finding the romantic relationship of my dreams. Harvard Business School is garbage compared to Landmark. #re BORN Amanda D This makes my top 5 list of ‘things you should do before you die’.Rick R I did the Landmark Forum in 2012 after being nagged by my wife for over a year – it made a difference in many areas….my relationship, my career but biggest of all, my relationship with my son – I have completed other programs all impactful.

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I would have paid triple the amount for the course now knowing just how big of an impact it made in my life. Who I was before getting introduced to this work by a friend was: afraid of everything, and didn’t trust anyone including myself.

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