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Together, they came up with ideas for both the consistent flavors, as well as ever-changing seasonal bars and truffles.

Most importantly to Sarah, all of the company’s flavors are meaningful.

But Mocha did much more than offer Sarah companionship. “One day, when I was taking Mocha out for a walk, I had this idea for Rescue Chocolate,” Sarah said.

By the time she and Mocha returned home that day, Sarah had all of the specifics about Rescue Chocolate planned out.

When she started Rescue Chocolate, Sarah was already an expert on vegan chocolate.

So, she knew she wanted her products to be vegan, organic, and fairly-traded.

In July 2019, Rescue Chocolate donated a portion of its proceeds to All Souls Connected, a Pennsylvania nonprofit that works with feral cats.

The company’s packaging is a love letter to Mocha, as well.

On every bar is a photo of Mocha, with her head cocked to the side, next to images of the key ingredients in the chocolate. Rescue Chocolate focuses on making the most impact it can by raising both money and awareness for animal rescue organizations.

Our specialty cakes are baked fresh in-house and can be purchased in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes with custom inscriptions for special occasions.

Our Mocha Café locations also carry a selection of our decadent specialty cakes by the slice to be enjoyed onsite with an espresso, or to take home with you.

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