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We are all young and fun, and all bring lots of energy to the show.Since we are all different kinds of dancers, it brings a lot of excitement to the show.The Olympics only left us wanting more of “America’s Sweetheart” Adam Rippon -- but we’re going to have to wait a little longer for an encore. Though he ultimately decided on a different short routine in Pyeongchang, the plan for this closing gala encore was to combine the best of both worlds. star of the 2018 Olympics, the figure skater was not chosen to perform in Sunday’s closing exhibition program -- which means his many new and loyal fans won’t be seeing what sounds like a show-stopping performance Rippon had prepared in hopes he’d be included. His choreographer Benji Schwimmer tells ET exclusively that the bonus program was designed as a sequel to Rippon’s dramatic free skate we saw in the team competition and for his long program, set to Coldplay’s “O” and the Cinematic Orchestra’s “Arrival of the Birds.”Rippon had previously done a short program using a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” sung by Josef Salvat and choreographed by Schwimmer -- last year, at the exhibition following the Grand Prix Final in Japan, he even belted out the song and then skated to it, a performance that went viral after Rippon became everyone’s favorite new figure skater this month.It featured new choreography by Schwimmer and Rippon had professionally recorded his own cover of “Diamonds” to skate to.“Adam’s singing is amazing,” Schwimmer says, who was unsure when Rippon first suggested the idea.“Everyone thinks they can audition for when they’re in the shower,” he says with a laugh. It was just about being empowered, realizing there’s so much beauty the moment you embrace who you are. INCLUDING a collection of the bare essentials we NEEDED to make brilliance ( see last pic ).The sad thing is, I think everyone is saying, “It’s just another gay dancer who came out.” A lot of my issue was not just about leaving the church, it was about me saying, I went through a process. I was even tempted to go to the old shock treatment that they had back in the day. You can still become active after this year, but there are some limitations.

Here, he opens up about the reaction to that interview from “the ‘outside’ world,” what he thinks of Mitt Romney, and reveals the Mormon church’s little-known policy change that finally broke his faith. Benji Schwimmer: I was a true blue, believing, serving, active Mormon and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You get home from your mission, and the next real mission is to get married and have kids and serve in the church until you die. But three buddies of mine had killed themselves in the last couple of months, and that was a catalyst for me.

Then I had a spiritual experience that said, it’s time for you to leave. I just think it’s very funny that [Romney] was the governor of one of the first states that actually had same-sex marriage accepted, and yet now denies that he believes in that. I saw the documentary [ was Travis Wall, who has a new reality show on Oxygen.

It was the most divine, true, soul-searching experience that I’ve ever felt. He’s gay, too, and was pretty open about it back then. He was my first crush after I came back from my mission, actually.

And you got an asterisk symbol tattooed just behind your ear... After the podcast came out, he sent me a text saying, “I’m proud of you.” You talked about how you see yourself with a husband and family. I’m looking for a good communicator, especially because I might be on the road at times.

I’ve had about six other friends get the same tattoo. However difficult it was, we do remember the pain that we went through—and also the progress. I’m a firm believer in monogamy—I won’t do the open thing. I want a guy that I can commit to and trust wholeheartedly.

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Both of my parents are dancers and they actually met while my dad was teaching a dance class. SD: How did you get involved with Ballroom with a Twist?