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Peter asked that she email him a copy of their video so that he could watch and reminisce.

Melinda agreed, figuring that was the least she could do since she had basically used him.

At that moment, Vaughn walked into the cafeteria with the director of the facility. He wished them a good day as he had to talk with the director about a project he was heading up. Melinda watched his muscular ass and shoulders as he made his way back across the room. "Melinda, would you say Vaughn was a thug/drug dealer type? "Now you know Vaughn doesn't fit that description, whatsoever. "So, would you consider Vaughn worthy of your time and attention, my little Italian princess? She and Melinda had often discussed what they would do if Vaughn weren't Black. I bet he wouldn't mind too much, girl," Janet said smoothly while eyeing Erica.

He excused himself from the director and headed towards their table. Erica had had the opportunity to experience Vaughn's blackness, unbeknownst to Melinda, and she loved it! " Melinda answered, never expecting that both of her co-workers were fucking the same man they were discussing. For the rest of the day, Melinda talked with Vaughn every chance she got and in that way that women have, let him know that she was possibly interested in more than just office conversation.

Peter abruptly withdrew his dick from her cunt, causing a loud 'slurp' to be heard.

Thursday Melinda had not shared her heartache with her girlfriends, Erica and Janet.That evening, Melinda had Tony take her clothes and shoe shopping.He also took her to a classy, upscale restaurant where she ordered the most expensive item on the menu. Also, that night, Peter fucked Tammy like a farm animal, leaving her asshole gaping open!Peter let her know that, as of now, he wasn't really that interested in trying to start a relationship with a woman who only fucked him because she had caught her boyfriend fucking his woman.But, he added, whenever she wanted to fuck, she could call him anytime.

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Most of them seem to deal drugs or use drugs in one way or another. "Well, like our friend, Janet, I've begun dating someone new, also..." Janet began hesitantly while smiling coyly. Is that a price you're willing to pay so that you can tell yourself and the world that you have a successful white man with money to burn?! "My family would never approve of me doing something like that!