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Intimidating other words

In my experience, and also to other thinkers alike, it is just natural to arrange a bit of writing by story, focus, sequence, play, and evaluation.Once I see somebody who is deficient in these techniques, I believe: “Too much television.” Or maybe: “Poor teaching.” Or even, to my pity: “Slack!I feel optimistic that one or maybe more of the strategies could work.I would love to welcome visual thinkers to my world–a world in which creating wonderful images is as fulfilling as creating them with clay, paint, or pencils.Study has shown that intimidation in sports is what gives most teams victory not necessarily that they are better than the other team.This act of intimidation can come in different forms, but the aspect we are discussing in this article is the one impeded in the team names, names such as Thunder, Tiger, Rockets, Ghosts etc will make the opponent shiver even before the game starts.

The other day I participated in a naming session conducted by another consultant. Through the naming session, as a word person I was a fish out of water: a writing individual in a drawing world.But, says Grow, to visual thinkers “a thing does not gain its reality the way words do, by existing in a network of comparisons, contrasts, and shadings of meaning; it simply appears.It is what it is.” Visual thinkers don’t introduce topics; they simply launch their word-boats into the void. A good topic to discuss further is how interrelated the two might be.” Grow points out the verbs in this passage: is, are, be.Drama, he says, “may provide a fruitful link between experience and exposition.” Mixed-media techniques can be helpful, too.(The rise of the graphic novel in the dozen years since Grow published his essay would seem to be the visual thinker’s clever revenge.) Surely visual thinkers would find aesthetic pleasure in the Visual Thesaurus tool.

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Fortunately, the panicky moment passed, and I was able to make a semi-intelligible pastiche of small cartons and arrows. On the flip side, my own peculiarity, writing, isn’t really specific or special in any way.