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Love dating site in solomon island 2016

It may sound like I am blaming voters in Solomon Islands and PNG for their countries’ governance woes. I think voters who vote in search of personal or localised benefits in the two countries are voting perfectly reasonably.Voters’ decisions are reasonable because the states they live in are weak, while at the same time voters’ needs are acute.However, these were formed in a very particular environment associated with the industrial revolution and the rise of national social movements.

And – because of its self-reinforcing nature – it’s going to be very difficult to shift. The good news is that there are many people in both countries who want to bring change.

Voters need something from elections, and when the government can’t deliver it through better policy and better services, all they can hope for is direct assistance from MPs.

You might ask why voters don’t vote for better governance to solve this problem.

Anyone who has spent any time in either country will have seen how governance woes contribute to the countries’ poverty. What is less well understood is the way the two countries’ politics contribute to their governance woes.

Their governments neglect essential infrastructure. Dysfunctional bureaucracies impede legitimate businesses and let other businesses get away with causing harm. In my new Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies paper I explain that many of the governance problems in the two countries stem from their clientelist politics.

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Ministers are rarely punished for poor performance.