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I would find either: 1) The charming bad boy like Serge Gainsbourg—mysterious, complicated, destructive, rebellious, who liked me just as much as the other girls he would be shamelessly seeing at the same time.

I actually called him Perfect Paul to all of my friends. The first thing you should know about me is that I am not a naggy girlfriend. And by super chill I mean, I’m super busy so I literally do not have time to nag, which is why I thought Perfect Paul and I were so perfect for each other.I've always been what we call in French "coeur d'artichaut" (artichoke heart, cute no? Ironically, I didn't want to design clothes, write books, direct a movie, or own a retail store (callings women in my family are all still busy with).My secret wish, since I was a little girl, was simply to find my soul mate, get married before I was 20 and raise a family in a sunny place.Being regularly heartbroken is annoying, but much less scary than to actually be intimate with someone. I still, every once in a while, have a crush on a playboy before I catch myself repeating the same story over again.But who knows, one day I hope I will be a happy, stay at home mum, which is my idea of success.

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I was told and retold from a young age that I would be free to choose any career, that being a woman is a strength and certainly not a weakness, and that there is absolutely nothing a man can do that I wouldn't succeed at—which never actually worried me.

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