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Speed dating exeter uk

Drop in to the Grove Diner to meet our Global Chums Coordinator and hear more about how the scheme can help you settle into life at Exeter and maybe enjoy one of the Grove’s legendary pancake breakfasts and a free drink The Freshers Fair is your chance to discover the variety of opportunities on offer to you during your time at Exeter.

Come and meet all of our St Luke's societies and student groups and buy your memberships.

Salsa is a social dance accessible to all levels of experience – and is a whole lot of fun from the first step.

Finish off your first week of term with a 2.5 hour sea cruise along the Jurassic Coast, the South West’s World Heritage Site. It’s hard to beat, but we think cake will do the trick.

(Credit/Debit cards only)Interested in newswriting? Then come on over to the XMedia Suite, where you can ask the Current Affairs editors questions about reporting, feature writing, sport and comment, while also meeting some friendly new faces.

Meet the members of the Catholic Society for a visit to Exmouth, and enjoy an ice cream or two! Join Exeter University Singers for a workshop with Emily Dickens, Chris Wardle, Sam Dressel and Dingle Yandell, all former members of VOCES8.

For you platformer fans there will be a Mario Maker set up and if you just want to chill there will be Jack Box Party Pack set up.

Come and join MWEXE for an absolutely brilliant night in our private room at Zinc where we'll host a meet & greet, after visiting Exeter's best pubs.

Turn up and grab a seat if you’re interested in filmmaking or writing for Exeposé!Following Zinc, we'll dance the night away at one of the best places in Exeter! Join us for a fun pub crawl around some of the best spots in Exeter, including two of the Spoons, the farmer's union, the Muggler's Inn (a Harry Potter themed pub) and the Arcade (a nerdy bar with memorabilia, arcade machines and cheap drinks).Fancy a cheeky mingle and a chance explore the city? Meet us on the grass outside Stocker Road, bring snacks or pick them up on the way, we’ll even guide you back to campus afterwards.Come and join us for a free taster with our professional Salsa teacher Angus and see what our wonderful Society has to offer!Salsa is a social dance accessible to all levels of experience and is a whole lot of fun from the first step. Walking tour to the Chaplaincy from the Forum at 11! XTV joins Exeposé Screen in presenting a festival of short films from Exeter students as well as further afar.

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