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Karolina kurkova dating

Having landed contracts for the likes of Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Victoria’s Secret, Karolina Kurkova was one of the most successful models of the mid-2000s.So, when the Czech star shared some of her key skincare tips and techniques in a new video for Vogue.com, beauty fans around the world stopped and took notes. Check your pantry for face mask ingredients Karolina is a big fan of using natural skincare products and will even apply her leftover breakfast cereal to her face.

"It makes you feel awake and fresh before you put (make-up) on your face." Apply three layers of mascara After dotting on a tiny amount of black eyeliner from Marc Jacobs Beauty to the corners of her eyes, Karolina curls her eyelashes with a curler.

I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Chuck, and America's Next Top Model.

She also appeared in another huge show called Germany's Next Top Model.

Even after being so popular and so successful, she is still very down to earth and a very calm human being.

She always answers with a smile in interviews and she has never let her ego hurt anyone and this proves what a great person she is.

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Karolina Kurkova's net worth is $16 million at present.

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