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Based on this readme I found out that the diff is created by Osmosis in the first place.-- Harry Wood , 14 November 2007 (UTC) I think this phrase is ambiguous anyway.To ease off on the amount of data you're downloading, first of all think about using one of the Planet.osm#Mirrors, but also note that many of these are offering 'Extracts' of smaller areas. Secondly, avoid downloading the planet again on a regular basis. These are documented at Planet.osm/diffs, including the use of Osmosis tool to apply the diffs.I added some more Wikipedia hyperlinks to the jargon terms in the article ([2] [3]), in an attempt to make the page a little more newb-friendly.are there any programmes around that will do a one-click/one-command update of OSM data?a repository that i could add to for all the OSM tools (including things like this, if it exists) would be really useful Myfanwy , 13 November 2007 (UTC)Yes.Teratornis , (UTC) The map of OSM coverage in Europe looks great. Various options listed: Planet.osm#Mirrors, or run your own extract using a tool such as Osmosis (There are other tools listed at Planet.osm#Processing the File which can do extracts) -- Harry Wood , (BST) In this article you can read: "The file is in the OSM XML format.

If someone with knowledge can make such a map, that would be wonderful. Teratornis , (UTC) The easier way to do this would be a REST API function count? It's is possible to extract region or country as from For a more complex approach that extracts a polygon, see you would have to modify to use Slovakia's border polygon. --Dido , 4 October 2007 (BST) (Old discussion) 1GB? i would guess this would bring a weekly update into the realm of 100MB, rather than 1 GB?Feel free to edit or revert if my additions are not cool.Teratornis , (UTC) I think that installing GNU on Windows is probably overkill for someone who just wants to decompress a file, especially as it doesn't have a GUI or interact with the same filesystem.Ojw , (UTC)Someone who just wants to decompress a file at the moment might eventually need other tools, e.g.sed, grep, Perl, xsltproc, built-in shell commands, etc.

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Information on how to use the diff files, to reconstruct a full planet file, are still missing from this wiki page currently.