Carer dating sex

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Carer dating sex

” ‘When we are out on dates, though, he will purposefully squeeze my hand or do something like that, to make it clear we are a couple.‘Although he does help me a lot with my health issues, he is, first and foremost, my boyfriend.She said: ‘I think it all stems from society struggling to normalise relationships between able-bodied and disabled people.

‘It’s fine if it’s children, as they are still learning, but adults can be very rude.

A chronic condition, common symptoms include debilitating pain, fatigue, sleep and memory issues and migraines. Not only was I having seizures related to the epilepsy, but I also began fainting too.

‘It can be very difficult to get an ME diagnosis, as there is no set test for it,’ said Jasmine. ‘Doctors were struggling to tell the difference, as they look outwardly similar, but I could tell them apart.

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A disabled woman has slammed ‘ignorant’ strangers who mistake her able-bodied boyfriend for her carer – and even ask invasive questions about her sex life.

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