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While Costa Rica isn’t as dangerous as many other countries in Central America its still wise to stay in a nice area of town.Some of the best options would be Escazu which has an American suburb type feel to it, and Santa Ana is also pretty nice.

If you want to try and have casual sex with the university girls head over to San Pedro Square and the pick up bars around there.One of the things that often limits guys when they visit here is that they stay in the upscale areas and don’t venture to other parts of town.That isn’t a bad idea for safety reasons, but the girls in Escazu don’t think foreign men are anything special.This post will try and help break down good places to go to meet a good woman who is interested in sex or dating foreign men and also some places to go out together.Any time you are traveling in this part of the world you need to pick the area you stay wisely.

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It is also kind of expensive, particularly if you want to stay in the nicer areas like Escazu.