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Slavic women are known for their deliberate femininity, strong family ties, and devotion to the traditional marital structures, which are heavily promoted through their local media and cultural outlets.

The majority of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian women see family and children as their highest priority in life and the only way to find personal happiness.

In fact, you have more in common than you probably think.

When you first got the idea to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine, the first thing you probably did was register on the first dating site you liked.

Fines for using mobile phones while driving in Ukraine Facebook page named “Road Lawyer” is popular among drivers in Ukraine, providing legal assistance and updated information on…

More details In general, the majority of Russian women aren’t afraid of a larger age difference than is considered acceptable in western countries.

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Drop in registered marriages in Russia The number of marriages plummeted last year by 12.7% as compared to 2017, RBC reported when 1.05…The series directed by Johan Renck conveys the chronicle of the accident on the Soviet nuclear power station near Ukrainian city of Pripyat in April 1986 and the dramatic aftermath of tragedies it caused in nearby regions, extending…More details In the first 7 months of 2019, 3.6 thousand Ukrainians obtained visas allowing to move to the United States permanently, UNIAN reported. More details The number of registered marriages in Russia dropped to a record low in 2018 with only 6.2 marriages per 1000 people.More details In 2018, the average wage in Ukraine exceeded 8,000 hryvnia (USD 313). More details Russia’s death to birth natural growth rate has been negative for a while, and now even the inbound migration can’t keep up with the depopulation process.In 2019 the average wage in Ukraine is over 10,000 UAH. Russia’s population has officially recorded a decline for the first time in recent history.

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Which countries are on top of the list for people moving from Ukraine as the desired placed of permanent residence?

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