Asp net detailsview not updating Random 1 on 1 cam chat hookup

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Asp net detailsview not updating

I get the correct display, then I click Edit, then edit some dropdownlist with SQLData Source and some textboxes.

Then I click Update, nothing happen, still same old value and no error.

The edit button required two clicks to change the mode to Edit instead of Read Only.

I solved this problem by changing the mode in the Mode Changing event handler and then rebinding the Details View control.

Thanks Regards "Munna" news:6b**********************************@k37g2000 hsf... On Jun 22, am, "John" Hi I have a Details View that is bound to a sql server.

NET used to display a single record from a Data Source in the form of a table, where each row represents a field of the record.

I wanted to do my custom implementation for the Update command instead of using the Data Binding Object sources but I found my self in trouble with several road blocks.

Problem 1: When clicking on the Edit button the Details View will not change the mode until the second click.

After the user clicks the update button to edit and update selected record details, if he or she clicks the Add Row Button then they will be able to add a new record to the database.

I was stocked for sometime using the 2.0 Details View control to Edit/Update data.

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As when I assign updated Name to Label1 it displays the old product name value and not the one in the textbox.