Validating high stakes testing programs

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Validating high stakes testing programs

A student who needs special education is also entitled to receive related services—that is, other services that enable him or her to benefit from special education.States and school districts must provide each such student with a free, appropriate public education.They link decisions about participation to a student's individualized education program (IEP), These changes in the law were designed to benefit children with disabilities by promoting high expectations commensurate with their needs and providing a means of holding school systems accountable for attending to those needs.

The 1997 amendments to the IDEA include several new or expanded assessment provisions likely to increase dramatically the participation of students with disabilities in large-scale assessments.IEPs thus vary considerably from student to student and have varying degrees of relationship with the general curriculum.For example, one IEP may call for a sign-language interpreter to enable a deaf student to participate fully in the general education curriculum; another may establish a set of instructional objectives that focus on the goal of independent living—telling time, personal hygiene, and basic safety skills.To be eligible for special education services under the IDEA, a student must first be found to meet the criteria for at least 1 of 13 recognized disabilities (or the counterpart categories in state law).The second criterion is that the student must be found to require special educational services.

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Children are generally tested in one-to-one situations with various school professionals (e.g., school psychologist, an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist) on tests that can be individually adapted to match the child's level.

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