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Programmers created automated programs called Scripts, So they can compare followers of BGKumbi & Straight Up Street.

But after Dillon confirmed that BGKubmi & Straight Up Street are members of a hacking group called the Meme Krew.

However, upon visiting Pew Die Pie in England, Dillon has the displeasure of being "treated like a fangirl", ignoring Dillon during most of his visit, and how Pew Die Pie spent most of his time cuddling up with Marzia instead of spending time with Dillon.

As a result, Dillon claimed that he no longer cares that Pew Die Pie saved his channel and that his actions are inexcusable, with Dillon returning to rant on Pew Die Pie as punishment.

It has the same main character causing the antics on the public.

When Dillon turned 17, he claimed that Pew Die Pie was chatting with the former on Skype and that he's coming to England to meet Pew Die Pie himself to celebrate his birthday, "kicking it old school".At the start of the war, Dillon told 4chan: “This is your warning 4chan. After what Henderson said, members of 4chan started randomly putting images of internet cat lovers, porn addicts, and pranksters all gathered to hang out.They ignored his warnings and found his address in Arizona.Then BGKumbi said: “Not only are we going to take down 4chan, we’re going to take down Funnyjunk and Reddit as well." Around 2014, Dillon began making videos on hating Pew Die Pie, notable examples being Dillon making videos about how he beat Pew Die Pie and took over his channel, steal Marzia, and even releases an apology video, which turned out to not be true, and at around through the video (link below) he apologizes to the Bro Army for being born without brains, and wondering why they like Pew Die Pie.In 2016, his main channel got terminated, but eventually got it back.

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