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Posted by / 02-Jun-2019 03:17

They’re like normal-sized MILFs, but half the size and double the horniness.

Once you get past the idea that they can’t perform well in bed, you’ll surely be sorry for yourself for not giving them a chance before.

They fuck hard like bunnies, which seems funny if you just look.If you think that midgets can’t handle big dicks, then you’re definitely wrong.Even if they have smaller holes, they’re very much ready to receive cocks that are thicker and longer than their arms.You should think twice about dismissing how alluring midgets are.Sure, they might not look great in their teens, but once they reach a certain age, you’ll question yourself why you didn’t try hooking up with a midget or two.

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And for female midgets, their size won’t stop them from being able to out-grind women who are twice their size or more.