Blind dating tip

Posted by / 08-Sep-2019 00:18

Blind dating tip

It might be alluring for many single ladies to just relax and play damsel, waiting for their hero to arrive and save them.

But having a proactive approach towards online blind dating can help reduce your time and effort in the long run.

Read Reviews and ask your experienced friends and family for their recommendations.

) are to do so—and chalk up the sour dates to great stories or learning experiences.

For a lot of us, this is dating these days: I wish this weren’t even something I felt the need to mention, but alas, people can be cruel.

I can usually tell if I’m attracted to someone within the first, say, 45 seconds?

Even if you’re not into this person, you’ll feel great afterwards. If you notice that you just got done telling a long story, or if you’ve been nervously chatting, remember to bounce it back to their court (ooh sports reference! Unfortunately, most blind dates don’t hold up to the rom com standard of romance.

I still don’t know if it really is a numbers game and we’re supposed to just keep putting ourselves out there or if a few years from now some study will come out that we were all crazy to try it this way (well, the other 77% of us, anyway).

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But that doesn’t mean this isn’t still a human who has a story and (almost always) deserves my respect.