Nervous about dating

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Nervous about dating

I wouldn’t have to tell you how to build confidence… You’d get a terrible lap time, but then, remember it’s only your first time, and you’ll improve (reframe failure).

You’d start getting faster lap times (build a habit of success), and soon enough, you’ll feel like you can handle it (increase confidence).

As far as this goes in dating, if you have core confidence, you’re more likely to be yourself and try things/risk rejection around a guy (hence, learn faster), because you won’t care much about the outcome.

Don’t worry; if you don’t feel like you have core confidence, rest assured it, too, can be built.

The more confidence you grow, the more the formula builds on itself.

Reframing failure means, seeing your failures as progress, rather than as indications ‘you’ are a failure.Core confidence is achieved by: 1) Developing situational confidence across several areas, and 2) Creating and practicing new mental habits.For example, a swimmer may not have core confidence, but if she then takes up dancing, starts her own business, works on her social skills and over time examines and breaks down negative thought patterns, she’s likely to achieve core confidence.You’ve also internalised a formula you can apply to build confidence in any area of life you choose.In addition to building this type of situational confidence, it’s also important (over time) to work on developing your Core Confidence.

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But when you’re improving your skills approaching and flirting with men, your failures and rejections are public, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

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