Sexrosia dating laws in georgia

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Her waist was so small it didn't seem to fit with the rest of her body. And she knew that no high school boy would do the job.

Her entire body shuddered as she screamed his name. Her pussy was so tight and wet on his mouth – he couldn't wait to shove his cock into her.Her face was always confident with a sly half-smile and long, batting eyelashes, but her demeanor was never rude. Today her hips swayed seductively back and forth as she passed his desk and bent forward in front of him to pick up a pen she had "dropped." Mr.Velasquez struggled to keep his mouth shut as he caught his thousandth glimpse of her glistening pink pussy.Then he began to fuck her with his fingers, slowly stretching her pussy but never once did she cease to squeeze him tight – so tight it almost hurt him.He bent his face toward her pussy and bit her clit just barely – but she still shoved her hips into his face and screamed with the pleasure and pain of it.


Her legs entangled themselves around his waist with animalistic fervor and she pressed her desire swollen pussy up against his stomach and rubbed her clit up and down on it.

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