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Keep in mind that, for all Fischer's brilliance on the chessboard and reputed high IQ, he quit high school as soon as he legally could, and never finished.

He did not have the benefit of a broad education beyond the age of 16, and I've read that he wasn't paying much attention to general schoolwork several years before that.

Lastly, people with AS are frequently (~30% in Finland)[3] misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia. Roy Grinker speculated that Bobby Fischer and Vincent van Gogh may have both been on the autistic spectrum (giving reasons for this speculation) in his recently published book "Unstrange minds: remapping the world of autism".

I couldn't help noticing that in the media coverage screened tonight Fischer was shown complaining about the brightness of the lighting in some kind of press conference; I'd say that was due to sensory hypersensitivity that is a common feature of autism.

It is unfortunate bordering on sadistic to have this picture of him as a very old man when he was deeply lost to his mental illness.

Second, for you to suggest that Bobby Fischer was uneducated and did not know the diference, or would not care about the difference between jewish race and jewish religion, it's not just a absurd concept, it mostly shows a complete ignorance of Bobby Fisher's true Alma Matter.

Feel like he felt, understand what he went through, and you will just start to understan Bobby Fischer.

I believe Fischer was known to have complained about sensory issues throughout his life.

All this speculation is not very useful - if someone can cite a reliable source, then it should be added. There has been a lot of jabber about how he was "insane", too, and maybe so; but statements about mental illness or autism in the article would need to satisfy WP: V.

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Zionists love to say that anti-zionists (a political idea) are anti-semitic (a racist idea). Bobby Fisher was anti-zionist, and despised US and Israels terrorist policies against the Palestinians and the Arab countries. I would rather say a very respectful political position.

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