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Speed dating model

Thank you for your time and help.newly obtained model 552 with barrel markings wcp 78 ( the p could be a D ) .

I've been going on for a couple of hours trying to find a birth date is there any one who can help me out ? Also the model 552 shoots great and is in above average condition including a Tasco 3x - 7x20 scope - any chance someone could give me an approximate value ? Well, you have to make some deductions and be somewhat familiar with what Remington did with these rifles over the years.

However, in speed networking events, the participants readily share contact information with each other and decide themselves who they will follow up with.

If it's a "C D", that would indicate either an Apr 1957 or Apr 1983 date.

Depending on barrel length or wood style, those may or may not work.

They are essentially assembly and/or inspectors' marks. The serial number on mine (1975 vintage) is 18783XX.

I don't know what they used for a beginning serial number, but, if yours in considerably below mine and quite a bit greater than "0000001", I'd still venture to guess it's probably that 1967 date I mentioned before.

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Whatever you paid for this one is it's current value. Den Wulfman , Thank you very much for your time replying to my post .

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