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don't see much of a rim though could be an old battery casing? All brass shotshells started being manufactured in the USA in the mid 1870's.

Their popularity waned when the paper shells became more popular.

The Tri-Rail Forearm will not fit new Mossberg 500 (12) gauge shotguns with the new pinned action slide bar (Maverick 88 style) forearms, or with 6-3/4" [sic, 6-1/2"] action slide tube assemblies, or Maverick 88 shotguns." the "pre-2008" production notice because as early as 2006, Mossberg was installing the integrated action slide bar (Maverick 88) forends on Mossberg 500's sold by Big 5 and possibly other big discounters.

Alot of these were used very early on, a hunter might only own 4 of these shells and would handload them in the feild(the old blackpower type) they would make their shot, reload, then stop and reload the shells from supplies carried with them.

these real early shells were not just tossed away and would be a rare find, I think yours are probably early to mid 1900's, but without more ID marking they could be from a vast time range.

You could always take it off and measure the length. I think that you are either looking at the identical Pro Mag Tri-Rail Forend on Ebay, .95 or the preferable combination Pro Mag, , PM168 - Mossberg 500/590 (12 Gauge) Tri-Rail Forend and .

Also someone on here said the action bar for the Mav was rivited on the forend if I was tracking correctly. (Are you planning on wearing gloves with that hand-grater?

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I also feel that 1870's-1890's is a very fair date range for your find. Doug If you could post (or PM) a few more pics of the other shell, I might be able to help. Although heavier, it balanced out and felt lighter.

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