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in addition to the cpu, RAM, and VGA adapter and power supply. I updated my Asus K75 laptop BIOS using the flash utility within the BIOS itself (Easy Flash) and a USB stick. Online Shop PLCC-Extractor CMOS-Battery CR2032ACER ASPIRE T180 SMD-PLCC-32 Socket ASUS P5W DH DELUXEASUS M5A78L-M/USB3ASROCK Z77 EXTREME4ACER ASPIRE E380ASUS P8P67ASUS Z9PE-D8 WSASUS M5A99X EVOASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 internal Speaker ASUS M2N-SLI DELUXEASUS CROSSHAIR IV FORMULAACER ASPIRE L5100ASROCK 870 EXTREME3 R2.0ASROCK P67 PRO3ASUS M2N-EASROCK 970 EXTREME4 ASROCK ALIVENF4G-DVITYAN THUNDER H2000M (S3992)ZOTAC ZBOX NANO AQ01-PLUSZOTAC ZBOX NANO AQ01ASUS P9D-MASUS P9D-XZOTAC ID69 PLUS (ZBOXNANO-ID69-P)ASUS M2R-FVM/VP/S (FUJITSU-SIEMENS)ZOTAC ZBOX-MI531-BEASUS M2N-XEASUS TOWER-PC M52AD (H81M-E)BIOSTAR TP67XE VER. 5.0ASUS PRIME B250M-C/CSMASUS Z9PA-D8CASUS K31ADE (H81M-K)ASUS P7F7-E WS SUPERCOMPUTERASUS P8B-XZOTAC MAGNUS EN1080K (ZBOX-EN1080K)BIOSTAR H110MHV3 VER. I had the bios ROM and the bios update utility on the Floppy disk, and added a command line to the file to run the update utility and load the bios ROM automatically- as the screen is completely black. The update didn't go completely fine, because the verification failed (at the 100% point of the process), but the computer is booting properly and the BIOS status bar is showing that it is updated to the latest version. I hope this post will turn out to be helpful for other Ro G G750 owners in the same situation I just bought a brand new ROG G751JT model last week which has Windows 8.1 preinstalled on the PC.I am having the same problem with a blank screen appearing from time to time upon startup and wakeup from sleep mode.I tried a few restarts but the same issue occured every time: the screen remained blank while the keyboard lit up (and worked, at least the caps and num lock did) and the indicator leds lit up aswell (the power light was on, so was the battery, but the HHD one flickerd for a few seconds and the it stayed off).I didn't have another PC or laptop around so I started browsing for solutions on my phone.After a few hours of trying every method your bios boot worked! Hi guys, First of all i'd like to thank the great community here for helping me (indirectly) solve my issue with my new notebook.

This morning I went to work and went thru the following steps: - formated an 8gb USB Stick as FAT32 - downloaded the latest bios update from the ASUS website (208) - unziped the archive and placed two copies of the BIOS file on the root of the USB stick - renamed the two files (from the original G750JWAS.208) to G750JW. BIN - I did this because I wasn't sure which name would the BIOS recognize.

Hi guys, First of all i'd like to thank the great community here for helping me (indirectly) solve my issue with my new notebook.

I decided to create this post because i wasn't able to find this fix for the G750 models (I used the info found in the G55 and G75 sections). I bought a new ASUS G750JW (no windows 8 preinstaled) a couple of day ago.

If the update process starts, it may be that (depending on the flashtool and BIOS vendor) different beeps are heard. I also tried changing the RAM stick with many other sticks,,, still same result. Well, I guess that even with 20 years of PC experience, you never stop learning!!

So don't panic and wait a few minutes longer to make sure that the update process was terminated. Up to now, I was sure that a knackered BIOS will not even boot a floppy (remember, it stands for Basic I/O System).

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What do I do, do I try flashing it again, do I reset the CMOS? They use the old afudos version which can't be downgraded.