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Your avatar comes into sight, plus you’re able to use the zoom button to look at how great your clothes match with each other.The graphics aren’t that great, although they’re not too bad either.

You’re probably thinking: what’s exciting about designing a computer-generated life when I can achieve better things in the real world? I would say it’s similar to a chat rooms and has something unique about it.

Certain aspects look nicer compared to other ones – for instance- all the hairdo’s seem to be fantastic, but the jewels seem two dimensional and out-of-date.

In addition, your individual character will do a small illustration for you after you choose an action.

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I’d say around fifty percent of these are great, and the other fifty percent aren’t that good.

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  1. Measures 20.5" wide x 16.5" deep x 6.75" high and weighs a or '8. (excerpts paraphrased from So, just as importantly as the technical aspects mentioned in Part 1, its ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and we consumers want things as cheaply as possible, right?