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They play only characters that they can’t stop thinking about,” Taylor said about carefully reading scripts and finding the right one.

Although she may not be on Meryl’s level just yet, the source reveals the real reason Taylor’s team only has top directors direct her music videos and commercial spots.

This beautiful and insightful theory, by Fearlesslove13 & @shesdeads (brought to my attention via Buzzfeed) dove into the idea that the Taylors in the video are not good vs. and by sacrificing that version of herself to protect her, she gives the now freed taylor the opportunity to start fresh, and maybe not end up the same way she did.

In their post they say: this means that the darker taylor, the one in the hoodie, represents all of the old taylors, and the media’s perception of them.

But she is currently reading scripts now that her upcoming album is finished and may even surprise us on the big screen.

Taylor Swift is a natural at songwriting and strumming the guitar, but I don’t see her as the next Barbra Streisand.

She’s barely mastered the craft of actually sounding decent while singing live.

It’s unlikely that Taylor will win an Oscar for her acting abilities any time soon.

Before TS & CH broke up they were leaving us clues about the lightning bolts.

They were right there in front of us from the start.

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Seven time Grammy winner Taylor Swift is desperate to add an Oscar to her collection of awards.

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