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Tosca reno dating

A number of those digital attempts are what have helped sink some print publications, since far too many print publishers cannot wrap their heads around how to make money in the digital space, but they keep throwing money at the web assuming that the payoff will come eventually.

Many compound the failure to understand that the web is a different medium by doing such foolish things as using it is a loss-leader for their print products, which just adds cost to their structure (personnel to produce the digital product, additional server requirements, site designers, etc.) with inadequate revenue to justify the expense and effort.

Publisher Tosca Reno took to social media to talk about the closure of Robert Kennedy Publishing.

"It's been a few days, but I owe you the truth," she tweeted this morning.

Reno and Kennedy met on a school playground where Reno taught Kennedy's daughter.

Reno, a mother of three, was getting divorced; and the two started a relationship.

Since his passing, the company "has struggled tremendously in his absence unable to shoulder the burdens he left behind." A recent Publishers Weekly story, "More on the Demise of Robert Kennedy Publishing": a number of friends who have been badly effected by the closing of Kennedy Publishing, I have been following this story quite closely.Reno linked to a post on her website where she confirmed, as pointed out by commenters, that it was RKP's parent company Canusa Products Inc. "It has been well-reported that the publishing industry has been hit hard in the last decade in the face of free digital access, resulting in a consistent sharp decline in sales of traditional print publishing," reads the post.RKP, which produced popular magazine titles readers have commented that different magazine titles were owned by different entities at the time of the bankruptcy filing, whether Canusa, Robert Kennedy Publishing, or some other iteration, and that as such some properties would be up for sale.Market conditions, poor economy, deceased husband, digital pressures have all been tossed around as possible justifications for the closure.As much as I wish these were the reasons, the simple fact is the closure was brought on by simple GREED.

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