Did cassie dating diddy

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Did cassie dating diddy

"You laugh, but I'm talking about the practical things of life... Is renting, leasing or buying [a car] practical for her? Just saying."Williams continued, "On the other hand, it wasn't 11 years wasted, because Puffy introduced her to a world that she would never know.She's probably always been on his insurance, so she needs an insurance card. I like you, Cassie, and hi, Puff, but I still don't know what Cassie does except for walk around and look pretty." Cassie's team confirmed to Love that the couple had parted ways a while ago, saying, "They are indeed no longer together and haven't been for months." Diddy is rumored to be seeing Canadian model Jocelyn Chew.They reportedly went on a "break" in August 2016, but got back together shortly after, according to One of the couple's latest joint public appearances was at the Met Gala in May.At the time of writing, Cassie's last Instagram photo with the rapper and hip-hop mogul was from the high-fashion event.Diddy led the way when it came to singing "Happy Birthday" to his lady love, who glowed in a creme-colored floral crown as her beau presented a massive cake to her. News the two had decided to spend some time away from each other following a fight between the two. News that a domestic incident report involving the two was filed, which TMZ said occurred after Diddy and Cassie had a heated argument while in a car in Beverly Hills.

Cassie returned to her Instagram after the breakup! Diddy were in a romantic relationship but have split now. Diddy’s life with whom he has been seen in the past few months. Diddy and his girlfriend Cassie Ventura had called off their relationship. A rep of Cassie also revealed that she was no more in a relationship with P.Williams said Cassie was "not elevated and you're only 32," but despite that, she did "like them together." She hoped Cassie and Diddy reconcile once more—for good."I want them to get back together secretly," Williams said Thursday."But only get back together for a moment of time before you say you're engaged, she's pregnant and you're getting married."But it is hard when you're in the public eye, for sure... The stars' reps haven't publicly responded to the news, but a source told the site that their breakup "was amicable and they remain friends." Cassie will "focus on her music and acting career," the insider added.

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