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YOU ARE READING Romance This is the sequel to Falling In Love Like A Loser!!

Remember, if you want to be in the story, just Comment or Private Message me your name you would like to be called and who you want to be dating. "Morning sweetie..." You said leaning over and kissing Mark's cheek "Morning!

Remember to take Lyric to the ER when she wakes up, okay? You went to your closet and put on your undergarments. Then you take your pink hair chalk and put it on the tips. You then take your liquid eyeliner and do your signature cat eye look. You thenshowed him your home screen photo which was you, Mark, and Lyric.

You took a 5 minute shower and then wrapped a towel around yourself. You then grab some bright pink eyeshadow and put that on. I showed him my lock screen photo which was you and Mark's wedding kiss.

Mark, he pushed me against the wall and then kissed me!

You looked at Mark with tears streaming down your face. Actually, the mistake i made was saying ' I Do'" You said grabbing your purse and running out.

It started playing ' Photograph' By Ed Sheeran."One Second." You said to Felix and answering the phone and puting it on speaker. " Mark said and you could hear Lyric crying in the background. " Felix said allowing me to enter the club for the party. Your hands were above you, so you couldn't stop Nash. All of the sudden, Nash grabbed your wrists and pushed you pu against the wall. "I've got to go, bye." You said giving Mark a long kiss and gave Lyric a kiss on her cheek. Felix walked in and ordered a simple ' Shaken Iced Sweet Tea'. You then take your bright pink lipstick and put that on. You then call up your nail person and she puts on your nails sparkles then puts on fake nails and paints the tips with pink and white hearts. "Aww, you poor baby..." You said taking a sleeping Lyric into your arms. You started singing ' Die In You Arms' "Oh I can't help it I'm just selfish There's no way that I could share you That will break my heart to pieces Honestly the truth is If i could just die in your arms I wouldnt mind cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms Oh it feels so right So, baby baby please dont stop boy! You told Felix to meet you at the local Starbucks because when he would have honked outside Mark's place, Lyric would have woken up. You walked into Starbucks and ordered a ' Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea' and waited for Felix to arrive.

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According to Matt, the bullying has taken a toll on his life and still is affected by it to this day. 2006, a young teenager by the name of Matthew Lush created a You Tube channel under the name Gay God.