Dating a soldier in iraq

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You could speak with the sailor's commanding officer and perhaps ask them to discourage the relationship.

There really isn't much that the Navy will do in regards to the sailor dating your daughter.

You need to be aware of these regulations before you find yourself in a situation.

If you would like to learn more about military dating rules and how they apply in your situation, you can ask a Military lawyer to evaluate your case particulars and provide legal insight.

Under the USMJ, the sailor hasn't committed a crime as long as your daughter is consensual to the relationship.There are steps that you can take to end the relationship.Because of your daughters age, you still have some form of parental control over what she does and who she see's.(5) Create an actual or clearly predictable adverse impact on discipline, authority, morale, or the ability of the command to accomplish its mission.” Your relationship isn't breaking regulation IF you are not in violation of any of the above mentioned factors.However, if your commanding officer is against the relationship, you may run the risk of a courts martial or accepting an Art 15.

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When you speak to his CO, you need to tell them that you want the military protection order.