Dating game improvisation

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Dating game improvisation

The wackier the prop – the greater the possibilities.Each team alternates back and forth “using” their prop in a way OTHER THAN WHAT IT IS INTENDED FOR.When playing with 2 people – 1 is the reporter and the other the special guest. Nothing beats a night of laughing at the seams to create new inside jokes between you and your spouse!Do a search in your local listings to find a comedy sports or Improv show near you!The contestants will each have a specific category of suggestion. This means they will either be a historical figure or a celebrity. Contestant Three is usually an inanimate object, but really this can be anything at all.Of course, you’ll have to get these suggestions while the Questioner isn’t there, as they’ll have to figure out the answers on their own.Each contestant should try to provide funny/witty responses to these questions, but the improviser should prioritizing answering in a timely manner over giving the answer.They should also expect to answer three or four questions.

To hone character; to make offers and accept them in character; to play the game of the scene.

A fun and fast character game, which works best when played in the game show style.

Feel free to add a “host” character to keep things moving.

It’ll be harder to come up with questions than you think, but remember you can be silly here.

My troupe likes the question “If you were ice cream/a cupcake, what flavor would you be? Remember, it’s the Questioner’s job to figure out who these three people are, so you want to ask them questions that will actually give you useful information, like “What are you usually doing around six in the afternoon?

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After the questions the “bachelor/ette” should guess what the endowments were.