Six months dating poem

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Six months dating poem

Can you believe it honey We've made it half a year We have been together for forever it seems There is nothing that I fear I love you with all my heart And I trust you not break The fragile heart and soul That now doesn't seem so fake Last Night in my dreams I dreamt you were so near I thought it was so beautiful That from my eyes fell a tear We' ve made it 6 months now I know we've had our fights But that will only bring us closer When we both fall asleep at night.

No, six months isn't six days, therefore, the need to celebrate such anniversary as it rightly deserves.

Your love makes me younger even as we grow older in love.

It's eternity left to love you even more hopelessly.

My words are few, but my love for you is as far as the earth can take.

My eyes are shut against the world because it was made to see your beauty and enjoy the brightness of your light alone.

May life not tear us apart, and may our heads find comfort in each other's bosom. A lot to be thankful for but coming across your love is more than worthy of my praise.

Now, it's the sixth month and I can't get over the joy of this love I feel for you. Happy six months, anniversary to us, my morning wine. I wouldn't want to live another six months but by your side. It doesn't seem like six months to me, it feels like I've loved you all my life, however, I'm not sick of this love, instead, I want you even more. There's nothing I desire more than the next six months of love with you. Six was just another number until I spent six months with you.

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