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I could hear myself dictating to the reporter writing our wedding announcement about how Trey and I met at a Tiki bar in Atlanta on a random Wednesday night and bonded over Bacardi. I told him that my favorite movie of all time is was last year. Almost on autopilot, I started complaining about Donald Trump. My neighbors, colleagues, and people with whom I competed for an elliptical at the gym were likely Trump supporters. “They dumped the arms, tentacles, and head back into the water.” Trey was clearly speaking from firsthand experience. He laughed nervously as he told me about the new compact that was debuting. In what seemed like serendipitous timing, the story was about a new app in Britain called Better Together Dating.

Trey told me more about fly fishing and hunting — the equivalent of space travel for a Jewish girl raised in malls and movie theatres. I knew I needed to get outside more — perhaps I could cancel my reoccurring order of Vitamin D supplements if I joined Trey on these expeditions. It was an exercise in pure probability that I would end up on a date with someone who casted his ballot Republican on that fateful November day in 2016. I told myself that 63 million people voted for Trump. I hadn’t explicitly told him that I was Jewish and liberal yet, though I assumed my references gave it away. “It’s killing my business.” “But it ensures that you are covered in case you get sick,” I said, trying to appear rational, informed, and socially conscious — traits I believed were important for attracting my “It’s good you are healthy,” I said lightheartedly. “We’ll have to agree to disagree on Obamacare,” I said desperately seeking a change of subject. “Wow, this calamari is really good,” I finally said. This is cheap Humboldt squid,” he replied which made me feel like I was some sort of philistine to think we were eating good food. I quietly contemplated my newfound knowledge of calamari and firearms. “No way,” he said putting his hand in his pocket to take out his credit card. It was described as Tinder for the 48 percent who voted against Brexit.

“We solved a problem in that market where there wasn’t a user-friendly tool that was up to the times in terms of how the youth and our generation is using technology to find potential partners,” Dhaliwal said.

What sets Shalom apart from competitors such as Tinder as well as the Jewish JDate, JSwipe and Saw You At Sinai, they claim, is its use of technology and multiple kinds of data to suggest matches.

“The reason we started with the Jewish community was we saw a lot of similarities in terms of the values around community, the values around family, the values around marriage,” Dhaliwal told JTA.

“It’s a very tight-knit, high-affinity community, just like the South Asian community.” In addition, Jews and South Asians both tend to be more highly educated and of a higher socioeconomic status than the average American, said Dhaliwal, a self-described “artificial intelligence/machine learning enthusiast.” The similarities led the founders to conclude that the technology that had been successful in the South Asian community would also work for single Jews.

I felt I needed to take a break from JDate and get on those apps that everybody was talking about.I suddenly had an entire pool of potential mates of all religions to choose from. He wrote back, “hi Amanda from New York, I’m Trey.” He explained that his name was really Charles, but he went by Trey.People I would not usually meet in my usual Shabbat dinner-going existence. I soon “matched” with a man named Trey who lived 0.6 miles from me and was originally from Tifton, Georgia. He described himself in his bio as open-minded and adventurous — traits that fit into my now nondenominational idea for a . In the South, the third-born male is often called Trey or Tripp. As Trey and I planned our first date for the following Wednesday, I started to wonder if my was really a good Southern boy who could make a killer chicken-fried chicken. We shook hands hello, and he held the door open to what seemed like an urban tropical oasis. He ordered me a plate of Hawaiian-style calamari along with a flaming shot of 151.It’s only logical that Dhaliwal and Toor, two Indian Americans, wanted to build upon their success, and they launched Shalom on Wednesday.But why start with a dating app for the Jewish community?

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