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Adult bookstore chat

The other day I spotted a light on in a booth and the door ajar a bit. Yes I was in a double booth and a good looking married guy opened my door.

I opened and a very hot straight looking guy with a wedding band on was sitting with his hard mushroom head cock in his hand. I told him he could come in because it wa a double and watch the straight porn I was watching with me.

It doesn't mean it cannot happen, but a man has to do what he has to do when you are not out publicly.

Clean cut married men seem safer to be with at least in my mind.

Next, when the cock comes through the hole (hard or soft) I'd give it the quick once over to make sure everything with it was all right.

I know if I were a woman and I had a man, I would be sucking him off everyday lol..

however some men don't give it to their wives or just get off to quickly, like one married guy who I mess around with.

he tells me his wife rarely blows him and when she does she sucks at it and she won't do anything exhilarating. Between the two at one end was a glory hole a big glory hole.

he told me he is about to leave his wife and move down where I am so he can have better access to me, which of course i know isn't true, it was a sort of the moment thing. lol Man brings back memories a few years back I lived in a college town in the midwest. Whiel I am sure some werte bi and some were curious I know that most of theguys I serviced were straigth and fucking hot.

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That lights up the booth enough and I would maneuver myself so that I could see the other guy's body and face.